Letter of Recommendation

How can I send a “Letter of Recommendation upload request” to the preceptor through my ERAS portal?

Candidates who have obtained their AAMC ID, ERAS Letter ID, and have completed the rotation with the HOPE Rotations Program can request a Letter of Recommendation through their ERAS Portal. You are requested to waive the right to read the letter of recommendation.

What is the process of requesting the Letter of Recommendation on the ERAS portal?

All letters of recommendation must be requested to the ERAS Support Services at ECFMG and the AAMC’s LoRP. For detailed information on how to request an LoR using the AAMC’s LoRP, visit the Letter of Recommendation (LoRP) page of the AAMC website.

How can I request a Letter of Recommendation to be uploaded through the preceptor’s ERAS account?

You can apply for the Letter of Recommendation by visiting the Letter of Recommendation Processing Form. You will need to fill and submit this online form. You will receive a confirmation email of the submission. Your letter of recommendation will be uploaded to your ERAS portal through the preceptor’s ERAS account in 08-10 working days. The deadline for requesting a Letter of Recommendation to be uploaded through the preceptor’s ERAS account is September 05, 2021.

Will the Letter of Recommendation be personalized?

Yes, the Letter of Recommendation is personalized and reflects each candidate’s learning experience, achievement, and participation during their rotation. It will also mention the specialty of the rotation, the lectures and clinical case-based workshops attended by the candidate, as well as the topic of their didactic session presentation.

Will my Letter of Recommendation be “waived” only?

Yes. Waiving your right to view your Letter of Recommendation indicates to the program you are applying for that the preceptor was free to speak honestly, and without bias.